Dr Brett Hewitt
Software Consultant

.NET Solutions
Image Processing
Computer Vision
Deep Learning


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Hi Friend

I'm a senior full stack software developer based in Manchester, UK. I work on anything C# and .NET, from making advanced Real Time Strategy games in Unity 3D, to desktop applications visualising particles in nuclear laboratories. I've been working in C# and .NET for the past 8 years, going on to do a PhD to specialise in Image Processing and Computer Vision. My education and commercial experience have given me extensive experience working on every aspect of software development, from developing System Architecture, through to creating intuitive and beatiful User Interfaces.



When it comes to making beautiful and intuitive desktop applications, nothing quite beats C# and WPF. I've worked on WPF for over 6 years, from creating custom controls, to rendering 3D visualisations

Image Processing & Computer Vision

Not quite satisfied with front end development, I embarked on a PhD. After 3 years, I emerged with a doctorate in Image Processing and Computer Vision, and several years experience in one of the most popular libraries available, EMGU CV.

Deep Learning

During my PhD, Deep Learning had really begun to take off, moving from the cutting edge laboratories of Google and Microsoft, into the hands of researchers. From beating humans at Go, image classifcation, and semantic segmentation, its potential is obvious. Working with fellow researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University, these solutions can now be deployed in commerical .NET applications.